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Payroll Services

Comprehensive Payroll Solutions for Businesses in the Wilmington Area

payroll services
Have peace of mind.
Trust our professional staff who keep up with the ongoing changes in payroll laws.
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Say goodbye to payroll hassles.
Our payroll service is customized for you. We provide payroll services to individuals and businesses all year long. 

Accurate Payroll You Can Count On

  • Each payday, submit your employee hours. We calculate all federal, state, and local taxes, as well as voluntary deductions such as retirement plan contributions or insurance premiums. It's guaranteed to be 100 percent accurate.
  • Your tax deposits will be on time and correct – every time.
  • We complete your federal and state payroll filings for you, including quarterlies, year-end forms, and W-2's.
  • All of your payroll information will be maintained and available; employee records, past pay stubs, tax filings, and records of tax payments.

No More IRS Penalties!

  • Did you know that each year, one out of three small businesses pay a penalty to the IRS? With our payroll service, you'll never miss a tax deadline or pay the wrong amount.

You and Your Employees Will Be Pleased

  • On payday, paychecks can be handed out, or they can be electronically deposited into employees’ bank accounts with our free direct deposit service. There's no cost to you or your employees. Your employees will love you for direct deposit! No more trips to the bank. We also provide professional pay stubs detailing the current as well as year-to-date withholdings, vacation and sick time.
  • All common pay types are supported.
  • Voluntary deductions are also handled, such as insurance, retirement plans, reimbursements and many others.
  • We offer workers compensation through The Hartford. We calculate and debit by pay period, so there's no surprise at the end of the year.
Call us today for a free initial consultation 910-392-1040.

Accurate Paydays
  • Guaranteed accurate federal, state and local tax calculations.
  • Professional paychecks and pay stubs.
  • Direct deposit.
  • Payments to independent contractors.
  • Wage garnishments.
  • Vacation and sick pay tracking.
  • Pay types: Salary, hourly wages, multiple pay rates, bonuses, cash tips, paycheck tips, expense reimbursements, allowances, holiday, and more
  • Voluntary deductions: Taxable and pre-tax premiums for medical, dental, and vision; retirement plans, flexible spending accounts, dependent and medical care, cash advance and loan repayments, and others. 
Federal Tax Deposits and Filings
  • Quarterly and year-end filings
  • W-2's
  • W-4's, I-9's and employer registration forms 
State Tax Deposits and Filings
  • Quarterly and year-end filings
  • New hire reporting
  • Employer registration forms
Accounting Software Integration
  • Payroll data integration available for QuickBooks®, QuickBooks Online Edition, QuickBooks for Mac, ATX Cash Command, ATX Total Command, and Microsoft Money.